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Past puppies and what their people have to say!

This is Winston. He lives with Phyllis and her family in Coventry, RI. Phyllis adopted Winston in 2004.

Phyllis wrote:

My husband wanted the pup called "WINSTON" in honor of the first Schip we had. Winston probably should have been named "Super-dog," because that's what he's been right from the get-go. Even when I picked him up at the airport after that VERY long flight, he was in great shape: he hadn't vomited or soiled himself; he wasn't fearful; and he was in great spirits!  On his first day with me he attempted stairs - and seeing as he was so teensy, he had to haul himself up by the armpits - which he actually managed to do, much to my surprise.  He loved playing with toys that were many times his size, and which made LOTS of noise...especially upon violent shaking. He was socialized virtually right away...he saw lots of people of all ages in my studio every day; and he was lucky enough to have a big brother, "Jake," an 85-pound rescued greyhound. that brings us up to the present.  Winston has the courage of a lion, the tenacity of a housefly, the stamina of a bull, the heart of a lover, and the soul of a comedian!  He is VERY, VERY smart and clever.  He learns the name of each new toy the first time we say it.  He can problem-solve (i.e., figure out how to do something new...without help).  He only sleeps at night which I find highly unusual. He loves to play.  And play.  And play.  Winston races with the greyhound - he really does try to win...if only the legs were a little longer!  He can pick up a soccer ball in his mouth -can you believe it? - and runs off with it!  That's how he cheats us out of a goal.  Winston's adult winter weight at 1-1/2 years is 14 pounds.  He eats a holistic dry food (he nibbles at it like a cat);and gets supplemented with homemade beef or chicken stew/soup.  Neither he nor Jake cares for dog treats!  Winston, will, given the opportunity, drink coffee - with feckless abandon, I might add, so I'm careful not to leave my cup where he can get it!  I don't really think he needs any extra stimulation!  He loves a good chew, so we give him "bully sticks" -  they are baked beef leg tendons.  Winston is in perfect condition and in excellent health.  He has a very slight overbite according to the vet, but I'm not even sure what she means...I can't see it!  His teeth are still perfectly white and he has no periodontal issues.  His coat absolutely glistens, and his eyes sparkle and shine.  His ears are very pert. His stance is solid.  He is quite muscular, and seems extra strong for his size (12-1/2" at the withers).  Winston has been a joy in our lives.  He gives us love and laughter - every day.  You are to be complimented for good breeding practice!  Many people have asked where I got Winston, and I am proud to recommend you as a breeder!

Keep up the excellent work!

Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy the pix.  Phyllis  p.s.  you have my permission to share any portion of this letter, and use the pix as you see fit.

This is JDam. He lives with Charlotte and her family. Charlotte adopted JDam in 2003.

Charlotte wrote:

My mother in law called to let me know that you sent me a postcard asking for info on our schipperke.  Because of my husbands job, Air Force pilot, we move around a lot.  We are now stationed at Vance AF Base in Enid, OK and are getting ready to move to Barksdale AF Base in Shreveport, LA.  Our guys name is Jdam.  He is named after the bomb that my husband carries on his B-52.  Jdam is 3 years old and weighs 11.4 pounds.  We have 2 other dogs, a boxer and a basset hound, and Jdam thinks he is bigger than both of them.  He is full of energy, but still loves to cuddle and be held.  He is a family dog, but will only obey me.  He ignores everyone else unless they have a treat.  My 2 daughters love to dress him up and put him in their doll cradles and strollers.  He is very accommodating.  He has been a great addition to our family, is very affectionate and always good for a laugh.Sincerely,


This is Abby. She lives with Terri and her family in Park Ridge, IL. Terri adopted Abby in 2003.

Terri wrote:

I purchased a female Schipperke puppy from you in June of 2003. I just received your card asking for some information about her, which I'm happy to provide to you. Attached is our 2005 annual Christmas card picture of Abby and our son David. Abby will be 3 years old later this month. She weighs approximately 10 pounds - up a pound from a year ago. She's a picky eater, but I think I've finally found a food she enjoys. Her health has generally been excellent.   

As for her temperament, Abby is a little sweetie. She is extremely loving and playful toward us, and toward other dogs. She is somewhat skiddish around strangers, and barks a lot, but is actually very gentle, not aggressive at all. She follows me around all day and night - and she sleeps snuggled up against me.  She also has extremely selective hearing, and may or may not obey, depending on her mood and whether a treat is offered.

All in all, she is a delight, and we feel very fortunate to have her.

This is Aidan. She lives with Ron and Kim and their family in North Bend, WA. They adopted Aidan in 2003.

Kim wrote:

We are very proud of Aidan, she's grown up so fast. She's only 9lbs. and everyone says that schipp's are supposed to be bigger but she's just petite. We just adopted a sister for her, a Pomeranian mix. They are getting along great. She also gets along great with our two cats, I'm sending a pic of her with one. I've learned the hard way that she's very smart with training but chooses when to apply it. It took me a long time to housetrain but with a lot of patience she's finally got it! One of her favorite past times is to find things and take them under our bed to chew -she's very sneaky. I'm always amazed to see her collection under the bed. We love her very much and I'm so glad we got her from you. I've had allot of inquires from people who want a schip of her size and I've been referring them to you. It surprises me how many people don't know what a schip is and think I have a docked Pomeranian! Awful! Well I will keep you posted and send more pic's. -Kim

We purchased a puppy from you that was born Sept., 1st 2003 and thought we'd update you.  Sorry it's been so long since we wrote you.  "Aidan" our Schipperke is the love of our life.  My husband has always said if we got another one it would have to be from you.  She's only 9lbs and spunky as ever.  Are you still breeding your dogs?  I don't know if she was just a runt but I would like another small one maybe a male this time.


This is Lady. She lives with George and Linda in Mountain Lake, MN. They adopted Lady in 2004.

Linda wrote:

Hi there!  I just wanted to send you some new pictures of Lady!  I just took them this morning.  She's doing great.  Had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago, but that's all better now!  (she didn't much care for the cleaning and medicine for it! :)  )  She's lost much of her "puppy fur", her main coat is really coming in.  She's sure changing a lot now.  Thank you, again!  She's a doll!      Linda

This is Mika. She lives with Denise and Mary in Danville, CA. They adopted Mika in 2004.

Denise and Mary wrote:

Hi Jeanne!!! We have a ton of people (neighbors and co-workers) who want to steal Mika away from us!!! She is such a great dog!!!! We can't wait more than 2 minutes when we have to pick her up again because she is so cute!!!! We are sending a few pics of her. She had her first boat trip a couple of weeks ago and loved it!!!! She has really taken to the Border Collie (Dagny) and they play like crazy!!!!

This is Wolfy. She lives with Tracy and Jeff in Kingston, NH.

Tracy wrote:

But Oh My god, I forgot how cute they are. Thank you for such a nice pup! She is very alert, and playful.  I figured she would be all scared. I hope she will sleep tonight.  We didn't get back here til 10:30. She loved rolling around in the snow. 
Hey, she's doing good.  I still own her-Shes a yipper (which can be annoying). She weighs about 7 pounds? I'm guessing. Her personality is great.  She is fun to watch.  She jumps all over my Doberman.  They are quite the pair when they play.  I had a hard time making her sit still for the picture, I just took it 10 minutes ago.
The only thing i saw wrong with her is that she kinda has runny eyes somtimes.  Other than that she's healthy.

This is Brandy. She lives with Billy in Belcarra, BC.

Billy wrote:

Haven't forgotten about you, just been very busy with 'BRANDY' . Thank you so much.  She is just wonderful; beautiful and smart.  Being a single daddy is keeping me hopping.   Thanks again


This is Skippy. He lives with Susan and her family in Milaca, MN. Susan adopted Skippy in 2003..

Susan wrote:

Yes we still have him and we just love him. He has not had any health problems at all. Skippy has an awesome temperament and loves people, there is not a mean bone in him, he is more of the wimp. He will bark at strangers but if they tell him to stop or step at him he will run, if he had a tail it would be between his legs. He always tries to butter you up especially when he did something wrong. You know if he did something before you even seen it just by the way he walks up to you, it is really hard to yell at him when he does that. I have bred him out to another female and they like him because he has such a quiet temperament and there female is more aggressive. I think he weighs around 13 lbs.

He is an awesome dog and we just love him, He is my favorite out of all 4 of mine.

This is Zoey. She lives with Fred and Jodie.

Fred and Jody wrote:

If you need us for a reference, that would be no problem.

(I can't seem to locate past emails from Fred or Jodie)

This is Misty. She lives with Richard and Marge and their family in Alamogordo, NM. They adopted Misty in 2003.

Marge wrote:

Misty is a great little dog and we wouldn't trade her for the world.  She is correct in conformation and produces beautiful puppies which she raises diligently.  A Schipperke to the nth degree.  Misty is a terrific little dog.  The word used most often to describe her is adorable.  She is a very good dog.  She is a loveable, hard-headed little shit.  She has a mind of her own with a very willing spirit.  We got a puppy and she has taken on that little one as if it is her own and is tolerant in the extreme.  She and Fred are like a married couple.  Right around 14 pounds.  Yes I still own her or rather she still owns us.

This is JD. She lives with Charles' mother and Bernie (JD's brother) lives with Charles.

Charles wrote:

My mom and I love JD and Bernie... I think they are great dogs...Bernie weighs 15lb., is real laid back, and very loving...He has soft full thick fur, like a bear...And his one ear never made it up... We have not noticed any thing different since then...JD weighs 12lb., is so playful, and very loving...She is so full of energy, that I had her spaded/fixed and it seems Since then she is even more hipper, this girl does not stop...

This is Speedy. He lives with Jess and his family in Redondo Beach, CA. Jess adopted Speedy in 2004.

Jess wrote:

Hi Jeanne, I meant to send this picture a long time ago. I apologize.  I took him out kayaking. He loved it.

Thank you again for helping us add Speedy to our family.